Why traveling?

I have the great chance to have wonderful parents who helped me discover at an early age the joys of traveling. What for some of us is a discovery as we become adults, was for me an evidence since I am a kid: I love traveling!

And because nowadays, it is of the utmost importance to be able to answer the big “WHY” question, let’s try to find some answers to this famous sentence “But why do you travel actually?!” Indeed, why do I choose to spend so much time on the road? Why do I decide to spend so much money on it?
I could tell you that I travel in order to discover new cultures, to broaden my horizons, to learn other languages… Shortly said, traveling to learn more. This answer has a very good advantage: it is well accepted by society!

I could also explain to you that I travel because I love the nature, that it offers the most beautiful wonders in the world and that I want only one thing: discover them! If, additionally, I tell you that I am extremely sportive (ahaha), that I can hike to amazing places, climb volcanos, walk on glaciers and that by doing so, I learn to push myself beyond my own limits both physically and mentally, you will be (almost) impressed 😉

Isn’t this beautiful?! Well yes, except it’s a fib.

Don’t get me wrong, the reasons I mentioned above are true. I do travel PARTLY for these reasons, because I love learning about the world and myself. I am delighted to see that traveling brings me so much. But the truth is, I use these reasons to justify my longing for traveling. So we are back at our original question, why do I want to travel so badly?

The most honest answer I can give you, is that traveling gives me the sensation to live fully. Lock me down in the routine, and in less time that you need to say “boredom”, I will have the feeling that I am forgetting to live my life. That I look at it passing by, as a spectator, trapped by its ties, choked by its monotony.

I travel because on the road, in a very paradoxal way, I lower my walls. I don’t care about looking weird, I am probably anyway weird for locals due to culture differences… And therefore, I enjoy it so much more. I travel for the encounter, the one that brings down all your old certainties. For this sensation to be so small and yet to belong to something wonderful and gigantic. For this daily awe, this link to the past, this calming. I live in the travel and traveling makes me live.



    1. C’est vraiment merveilleux de pouvoir voyager, surtout quand on le fait accompagné par des gens aussi cool pour partager notre chambre 😉 j’espère que tu es bien rentrée, bon courage pour les dernières semaines de travail!

  1. Hey ihr Zwei, wir haben uns gerade an euren Homepage-Namen erinnert und sie uns mal angeschaut. Hoffen euch geht es gut und ihr hattet bzw. habt nun hoffentlich mehr Wetterglück. Uns hatte der Alltag wieder ziemlich schnell im Griff und Regen bei Null Grad ohne warme Dusche ist eigentlich garnicht mal so schlimm. Mit ein paar Wochen Abstand. Und einer Tasse Tee in der Hand.
    Liebe Grüße und genießt das Reisen
    Philipp und Marlene

    1. Hallo euch beide, sorry für die verspätete Antwort! Es ist schön, von euch zu hören 🙂 wir sind seit einem Monat zurück in Deutschland und genießen aktuell sehr den Komfort unserer Wohnung!! Wir haben heute endlich den Artikel über Torres del Paine gepostet, hier das Link, falls ihr ihn lesen möchtet: http://catsandquails.com/2018/04/23/torres-del-paine/
      Ich hoffe, wir werden irgendwann eine Möglichkeit finden, uns wiederzusehen. Bis dahin Alles Gute und liebe Grüße aus Köln
      Cha & Kai

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