About us

We are Kai and Charlotte, a German-French couple who loves traveling around the world and creating beautiful common memories. We both lived abroad at some period of our lives and we met during our studies in Hong Kong. Our friends and families come from all other the world and we find it a very beautiful thing 🙂

Kai according to Charlotte

Kai is an easy-going, quick to laugh and always ready to play person. He loves computer gaming, going to the restaurant and discovering new kinds of food and of course, traveling. He will often impress his friends with his scientific knowledge and his ability to almost always win games. He likes being on time – and therefore took a very bad decision by marrying a French girl ! Finally, one last peace of information about Kai: when he is reading, don’t even try to talk to him, he is so focused that he probably won’t even hear you !

Charlotte according to Kai

Charlotte is an enigma to me who luckily agreed to share her life with me. Though sometimes shy, she is actually extremely adventurous and outgoing when she feels comfortable. She shares my passion for travelling, restaurants, food experiments and computer gaming, while we have a strict separation in regard to cheese and cake. She is amazingly empathic and can adapt very fast to changing circumstances, in fact I believe she is the better player in most games but she holds herself back in order to include others. I always look forward to travelling and meeting new people with her. Never interfere with Charlotte’s reading, she has a proven record to bite when disturbed.

Why this blog ?

We created this blog as we decided to travel for six months through South America for our honeymoon trip. With this website, we hope to make our friends and families travel a little bit with us.We hope to read about our trips in many many years and smile as we remember small details we had forgotten – and maybe even show our kids some pictures of us 😉

Finally, we gathered many information during the preparation of our trip on travel blogs – we hope that ours might help some travelers to organize their trips as well.

And last but not least, why the name “Cats & Quails” ? Well, because Charlotte’s friends often name her Cha, which means cat in French. And “Quails” because French people have a huuuuge problem with Kai’s name, so we had to find a trick to make it easier to pronounce and remember. Kai is said exactly the same way than the French word for Quail, “Caille”. Isn’t he a cute little bird ?!